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Investigation Services

Who We Are

Profile Intelligence is a global investigative and security firm. We are single-mindedly focused on providing comprehensive sets of threat intelligence and protective solutions to private and public sector organizations and to millions of individuals impacted across the globe.

Profile Intelligence combines human intuition and sophisticated intelligence and investigation technologies both online and offline; with the capabilities to identify, analyze, monitor and scan for compromised data, stolen identity, or any other form of threat.

Our mission is to protect people, ideas, systems, and operations with actionable and transferable intelligence.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are completely distinct from our company values that basically define our daily operating practices, we will always innovate in response to changing times, changing markets and changing people.

Our core values are not just a collection of words to define what we hope to be or what we merely do, rather, they are a collection of what we are and how we exist.

confidentiality and trust

freedom and confidence

thoroughness and professionalism

diligence and resilience

consideration and empathy

innovation and longevity

We stand behind our values and our dedication to providing excellent service. Our values are TIMELESS and will NEVER CHANGE, even if society no longer rewards its content.


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